Sunday, 4 October 2015

Nu Psych Guitars Volume 1

The new blog is going to be an overview ofthe new sample pack Nu Psych Guitars by Papas St Germain.

I've played guitar for  years and have always been inspired by the more experimental/psychedelic sounds that can be produced from the most versatile instrument.

I decided that the time was right for a full blown psychedelic guitar fest in the form of a sample pack that would work for any genre.

I've created about 15 sample packs under the Papas St Germain moniker but this one is going to be a little different.

I'll talk about the artists and inspirations behind the Nu Psych Guitars Sample Pack,analyse some of their sounds and techniques and showcase some of the gear i'm using such as Amplifiers, pedals, guitars(of course),software and examine other techniques such as open tunings and how they can change the approach to the instrument.

The sample pack will be based on some of my favourite pysch guitar sounds from the 60's and into experimental ambient guitar scapes to folk inspired psych moves from the innovators in each genre.

With this pack i intend to cover a lot of bases, creating a sample pack that will prove essential to producers in any genre.

I'll highlight tuning and different chord progressions and explain how this leads to a psychedelic sound as well as the effects that contribute to the creation of innovative inspiring guitar sounds.

To sign off, below is a list of some of the influences that infused the sound of the Nu Pysch Guitars sample pack.

In No specific order

Love,John Martyn,Neu,Kraftwerk,BJM,Tame Impala,Spacemen 3,Sigur Ros,MBV,The Byrds,Brian Eno,Can,BoC,Wooden Schips,Garage Psych,JAMC,Stereolab,Slowdive,Todd Rungren,Bert Jansch,Ride,Animal Collective,Four Tet,Fripp,Philip Glass,Steve Reich and the Velvet Underground.

Nu Psych Guitars will be released on October 9th 2015.